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JOBS IN PROGRESS: Custom Concealed Blind box (W145mmxH200mm)

Updated: Nov 26, 2023


This is an interesting concealed blinds project going on right now which will be completed in the very near future. So what are we looking at here. It's a conservatory, it's got its ceiling pulled down and some very tall, sloped windows that are south facing, which makes this area so hot it's very uncomfortable on sunny days .

The brief from our client was to achieve two things.

Firstly to make custom shaped electric blinds to cover all this glass at the press of a switch. After a short period of head scratching/measuring and checking on specs, we made that goal possible.

The second was to conceal all these electric pleated blinds up into the ceiling so that when folded up, they "disappear" ...somewhere!!

We will have more pictures and details on how we are going about this but we calculated a custom made box was required of 145mm width & 200mm high .

So why this specific size of box ?

The blinds here will be 32mm Duette pleated with 230v motors and drops of up to 4.5m . When fully folded up these blinds have a fully retracted height of 170mm. The width of 145mm is to allow access to actually fit the blinds and the 200mm height is to ensure the blind fully folds up into its concealed blind box with room to spare.

This bespoke box is manufactured by us, Compass Blinds&Shutters at our premises and as we are making this box, we will also fit it on site.

That process is almost complete and the plasterers will be in early next week to 'tack' all this ceiling up with 50mm insulated plasterboard. An LED light strip will be built in and all will be skimmed onto our custom box and the ceiling to finish.

On our next blog post we'll share an update on this.

With a commitment to quality, customisation, seamless integration, and getting the job right first time, Compass Blinds is Ireland's go to expert for Concealed Blinds.

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